10 Indoor Activities For Those Cold Winter Days

10 Indoor Activities For Those Cold Winter Days from Standard Deviants Accelerate

It is finally cold here in New York, cold and snowy. On days when the temperature drops too low to make it bearable outside, the kids can begin to climb the walls. On days like these, the usual routine of activities just isn’t enough. They need something extra engaging, new and exciting, different and out of the box.

10 Indoor Activities For Those Cold Winter Days

1. Get in the kitchen and cook something!  Hop on the Internet and do a quick search for kid friendly cooking ideas. Things like new cookies, soft pretzels, some sort of fruit creation, etc.

2. Make a sensory bin (or two)! We were recently at someone’s house and the kids (ages 13 & 16) got a hold of kinetic sand. They were like little kids in a candy store! This got me to thinking about sensory bins. You can use things like unpopped popcorn, cereal, black beans, buttons, rice and coffee beans. Add in little toy figures, craft pom poms, paper, measuring cups, and spoons.

3. Make recycled crafts. Get out the recycling bin, scrap fabric, foam, pipe cleaners, egg cartons, buttons and beads and let the kids get creative. Make bridges, build castles, create a corral to hold their animals, the sky is the limit!

4. Build a fort. I am always amazed and what my kids can come up with when I let them loose with pillows and blankets. They drag out couch cushions, chairs, end tables, and more to create forts for themselves to both play and sleep in. It could be as simple as taking the chair away from the kitchen table and covering it with a couple of sheets, or as complex as they can make it!

5. Drawing fun. Use paper bags cut open and taped to the walls, poster board, butcher paper, etc. For whatever reason attaching a large amount of paper to a wall and letting the kids draw on it makes it all the more fun. Use crayons, paint, or markers. If you have dark paper use chalk!

6. Snow cone fun! Use the snow to your advantage and bring it inside! Use flavored drink mixes such as fruit punch or lemonade and make your own, fresh from the yard snow cones!

7. Game day. Let each one of the kids choose a game to play and tell them you can only play if you all happily play each game that has been chosen. Then take turns playing the games that each child chose.

8. Make music. Find things around the house that make noise such as spoons, glasses, pots and pans. You can also create your own noise makers. Using two paper plates and some rice you can create a fun shaking noise maker.

9. Finger Paint. Clear your table or counter and prepare to make a mess! You can use whipped cream, Cool Whip, or shaving cream to paint pictures. Add food coloring to different piles and smear away!

10. Indoor obstacle course. Create an indoor obstacle course. Use cushions to jump over, put two chairs close and place a broom across to go under, use an egg and spoon to hold onto while zigzagging in and out of books you placed on the floor. The sky is the limit with this one. Use what you have and be creative. Have the kids set something up and time each person as they go through.

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