15 Awesomely Green St. Patrick’s Day Foods

15 Awesomely Green St. Patrick's Day Foods from Standard Deviants Accelerate

St Patrick’s Day is a global celebration of Irish culture on or around March 17. It particularly remembers St Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. Many people don green clothing and accessories in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Parties featuring Irish food and drinks that are dyed in green food color are often part of the celebration.

Green St. Patrick’s Day Foods

Needless to say St. Patrick’s day is a “green holiday”. From shamrock shakes to shamrock socks we celebrate in part by wearing and eating as much green as possible. So if you are in search of green St. Patrick’s Day foods, here are a few to get your imagination running! Everything from breakfast to dessert and from healthy to just plain junk!

1. Pancakes – Start of the day in true green fashion with green pancakes. Make your favorite pancakes, add some green food coloring, and maybe some whipped cream and Lucky Charms cereal to top it off!

2. Shamrock Punch – With 2 simple ingredients you can have this fun and tasty punch. Use one carton of lime sherbet scooped into a punch bowl. Add ginger ale and allow it to melt slightly before serving!

3. Guacamole – Made from the super food avocados – makes a healthy green treat.

4. Sugar Cookies – Sugar cookies are great for any holiday occasion because you can decorate them as you wish. Top them with green frosting and decorations. Use a cookie cutter for fun shapes like a leprechaun or pot of gold.

5. Shamrock Shake – Ahh, minty green happiness. Serve your kids up a green milkshake as easily as adding vanilla ice cream, milk and green food coloring into a blender together. You can also you green colored mint chip ice cream for a fun minty flavor!

6. Grape Kabobs – You can do these in two ways; the first is just putting them on a kabob skewer. In the second way you can put them in the freezer and make grapesicles!

7. Green Fruit Skewers – You can make fruit kabobs with green fruit such as apples, grapes, kiwi, pears, and honeydew.

8. Cupcakes – There are so many variations you can come up with here! From green cupcakes to green frosting. Mint flavored or not. Mix and match with a green cupcake and white frosting, or chocolate cupcake and green frosting.

9. Spinach Quiche – Oh what fun to make spinach quiche for dinner! To make it even more festive consider making it in a 4 leaf clover shaped pan!

10. Shamrock Wraps – You can use spinach or veggie based wraps that are green in color to make almost any type of sandwich/wrap for St. Patrick’s Day lunch!

11. Pistachio Fruit Dip – This simple to make green treat is simply pistachio pudding and cool whip mixed together. Add in some green apples and you have a wholly green and healthy treat!

12. Soup – How about some avocado or split pea soup to green up your day!

13. Salad – A salad of mixed greens with cumbers, beans, avocado, apple, pear, and whatever else you want to add.

14. Pickles!! – Create a snack try with things like pickles, green olives, green beans, and cucumbers.

15. Pesto – Pesto is a sauce we love to have with chicken. Grab some bow tie noodles, cut up some chicken and add pesto sauce for a fun and healthy dinner!

Other St. Patrick’s Day Fun

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