4 Ways to Keep Learning Over the Summer

summer learning

Learning over the summer doesn’t have to be overly complicated, formal, or boring. In fact, it can be a fun way to pass the time and keep the gears in your kids’ brains turning over the long summer months! Here are a few ideas:

  1. Art History Project: Teach your children about several different famous artists. Pick artists from different places, time periods, and artistic movements. Be sure to go over their lives, show them their work, and talk about their artistic style. This can be a very informal overview, just enough to get your child interested in the artists and their differences. When you’ve finished, have your children each pick an artist they like. Have them create their own artwork, mimicking the style – but not the exact works – of their chosen artist. Show off the finished work in your own mini gallery!
  2. Messy Science: Summer is the perfect time to do messy science experiments that can be done outside! Say hello to easier clean-up and kids having a ton of fun while learning! We’ve got a few great examples for you to check out like these magical color-changing flowers, this awesome bubbling sidewalk chalk, and the most scientific way to make tasty s’mores.
  3. Engineering Projects: Summer is also a great time for those big engineering projects that require a lot of open space or outdoor activity. Have your kids construct a slip ‘n’ slide and figure out the materials necessary to make it the most slippery. Or have them build their own little boats and test them out in a large tube of water or nearby pond.
  4. Seasonal Learning: Teach your children about the way different produce items are seasonal. Foods like peaches and strawberries are best in the summer, and so on. Together, choose a favorite summertime ingredient and teach them to make a dish using that ingredient! You can enjoy the tasty fruits of your labor and learning when you’re done!

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