5 Halloween Paper Plate Crafts

5 Halloween Paper Plate Crafts from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Plain old white paper plates can be turned into the most fun and creative things! Whether you choose to make a decoration or a mask you can make these simple and easy Halloween Paper Plate Crafts.

Halloween Paper Plate Crafts


  • plain white paper plates (The really thin cheap ones. We actually keep a stack in our craft supplies at all times because they can be used for so many different things!)
  • construction paper in various colors (black, white, purple, orange, green, red)
  • paint in various colors (black, white, purple, orange, green)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Yarn (This can be used to turn any paper plate creation into a mask to be worn for Halloween!)
  • black Sharpie
  • toilet paper

5 Halloween Paper Plate Ideas

1. Ghost

  1. To create a ghost you will need one paper plate, black and white construction paper, toilet paper and if you have it glitter.
  2. On the back of the plate glue on two large black eyes cut from the black construction paper as well as a large oval shaped mouth in a vertical direction.
  3. You can use glitter at this point on the eyes and mouth.
  4. Using 3 strips of toilet paper taped to the other side of the paper place, cut them down the middle to make smaller strips.
  5. Cut two arms out of white construction paper and glue to the backside of the ghost.

2. Vampire

To create a vampire you will need tan and black paint (we mixed white with brown and a little red to make a lighter skin tone), black, red, and white construction paper.

Start by drawing the outline if the vampire’s hair line and painting it black. Paint the rest with the tan colored paint.

Use the construction paper to cut out eyes, eyebrows, a mouth, teeth and a nose. You could also use paint for the facial features.

Cut out black pointy ears and a collar from black construction paper and glue on to the back, as well as a large red bow tie for the front.

3. Witch

  1. To create a witch you will need one paper plate, green paint, purple black orange and white construction paper, and a black Sharpie.
  2. Paint the paper plate green and set it aside.
  3. To create the hair you will trace your child’s hand on top of two pieces of orange construction paper folded so you will end up with 4 hands.
  4. Using black construction paper cut out the share of a witches hat and add a purple strip.
  5. Use white construction to cut out two eyeballs.
  6. Glue the hat on the paper plate with 2 hands on either side for hair.
  7. Use the Sharpie for pupils and to draw a nose and mouth.

4. Bat

  1. To create a bat you will need two paper plates, black paint, red and white construction paper and 2 brads.
  2. On the back of one plate draw two triangular shaped ears in the ribbing of the plate and cut around them to create ears on the top.
  3. Cut plate number 2 in half to look like bat wings.
  4. Paint all three pieces black and let it dry.
  5. Use the white construction paper to create eyes and teeth, and red to create a thin mouth and glue them on.
  6. Punch a whole in one corner of each of the half plates (wings) in such a way that one will attach to the left side and one to the right.
  7. Insert the brads in the holes to create moving wings!

5. Pumpkin

  1. To create a pumpkin you will need orange paint and black and green construction paper (you can even use a green or brown pipe cleaner if you have one).
  2. Paint the pumpkin orange and let dry.
  3. Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth in black construction paper and glue them on.
  4. Use green construction paper for stem and leaves at the top. This is were you could also add pipe cleaners as little curly cues from the top.

You can easily make these Halloween Paper Plate Crafts into masks but cutting out the eyes and adding yarn to either side to tie it onto your child’s head.

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