5 Summer Heat Busters

5 Summer Heat Busters from Standard Deviants Accelerate

The summer heat can be stifling at times. During the hot summer months it can be fun to get outside and enjoy some fun water games and activities to cool down. Here are 5 cheap and quick summer heat busters for you to try with your kids.

Summer Heat Busters

  1. Use Balloons as Squirt Guns – Fill a balloon with water and then tie it off. Use a pin to poke a tiny hole in the balloon. Then squeeze the water out of the hole! It makes a great squirting device!
  2. Sponge Target Game – Using wet sponges and chalk you can make a driveway “bulls eye” game. Using chalk create a large circle on the driveway with 3 smaller circles inside it. Label the smallest circle 50 and then the next smallest 40, 25, and then 10. Fill a bucket with water and sponges and create a starting line. Let each child throw the sponges and add up their score. A fun game and a water cool down in one!
  3. Ice Cube Popsicles – Using an ice cube tray can be a quick and easy way to make fun mini-flavored popsicles. If you have craft sticks you can insert them in when the water starts to freeze, or use the cubes and fun colored flavoring for the kids drinks! Here are some other fun popsicle ideas Note: When trying to get a popsicle stick in place it helps to use foil: Place a sheet of foil on top of the popsicle mold top and insert sticks (the foil keeps the sticks in place).
  4. Water Hose Limbo – Prop up your hose to create stream of water. A step ladder works well for this as you can move it from rung to rung to increase the difficulty. Then play some limbo music and let your kids have a fun game of wet limbo!
  5. Toy Wash – Gather up the kids plastic toys. Give them a bucket of soapy water and some sponges, washcloths, brushes, etc. The kids have fun and get cool and you get CLEAN TOYS!!

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