5 Tips for Stress Free Homeschooling

stress free homeschooling
Working towards a stress free homeschool isn’t easy.  Let’s be real, it’s basically working toward a stress free life! It is achievable, and with these suggestions you can make small adjustments that will put you on the road to stress free homeschooling.

  1. Stick to a routine. Your family’s routine might be super flexible, or pretty rigid, either way, sticking to it will reduce a lot of time-induced stress you might be facing. But, keep in mind that if you are experiencing a lot of stress related to time management, it might be a good idea to take a good look at your schedule and start making some adjustments to put you on your way to stress free homeschooling.
  2. Plan ahead, but also take things one day at a time. This might seem contradictory, but really it’s not. You have to plan ahead when teaching, but keep in mind that you can really take things as they come, one day at a time. If teaching a certain topic takes longer than expected, it’s not a big deal! If you end up wanting to switch topics around, go for it!  The luxury of homeschooling is flexibility, and being flexible about time will eliminate some stress from your homeschool.
  3. Keep your kids’ personalities in mind. If you’re teaching in a way that doesn’t work with their preferred learning style, one or both of you is eventually going to get frustrated. Homeschooling gives you a lot of freedom with how you teach, so take advantage of that and explore different methods and find which ones work for both you and your child. This goes for scheduling your day as well – if your child is not a morning person, don’t try and force them to do their hardest subjects in the morning. Find methods and times that work for you and your kids for stress free homeschooling.
  4. Talk things out. If you and your kids are really stressed out, chances are something is not working. That’s when it’s time to sit down and talk things out (or, if they’re not old enough, feel free to go over things yourself). Figure out what is at the root of your stress and brainstorm ideas for making things easier. Maybe you just have too much on your plate at the moment, find what things you can cut back on or different ways of doing things that require less from you. That can even mean trying some hands-off teaching methods like online resources.
  5. Take a deep breath and remember why you’re doing this. You chose to homeschool for a reason, right? So take that reason and all of your convictions and hold on to them. Maybe write them down somewhere where you can easily read over them. In times of desperation, they can really be a comfort to you and help de-stress.

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