5 Tips for Teaching Homeschool Music

5 Tips for Teaching Homeschool Music from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Music and art are subjects that can often get lost in the hub bub of our day to day and the core subjects we are teaching. In our homeschool I find that I need to be intentional about keeping these things in our schedule otherwise they might get lost. (Needless to say I don’t have any starving artists in my house!)

5 Tips for Teaching Homeschool Music

1. Play a Musical Instrument

Each of my children play an instrument. Not only do they learn to play that instrument, but they learn to read music, play by ear, and learn about different styles and time periods of music.

2. Incorporate Into Other Subjects

Include something about music when studying other things. History is a good place to do this. When learning about a time period, include music from that time period. Listen to pieces from that era, learn about the composers who lived and wrote during that time.

3. Use a Curriculum

There are wonderful resources out there for teaching homeschool music. Squilt, Easy Peasy, Khan Academy, Harmony Fine Arts, Maestro Classics, and Zeezook are just a few you can look for to help you teach music in your homeschool.

4. Unit Studies

Do mini unit studies along the way. We have done a unit that teaches about the instruments of the orchestra, or studied a specific style of music or composer. We have even picked up and tried to play new instruments, learning about them and experimenting with playing them.

5. Take a Musical Field Trip

Attend a live performance of an orchestra or symphony. Go see a play that is a musical. Attend a performance of a local band – choose different types if you can. Experiencing music first hand and applying some of the knowledge you may have picked up in your book studies is a great way to bring it all together.

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