6 Pool Noodle Activities That Don’t Involve The Pool

6 Pool Noodle Activities That Don't Involve The Pool from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Pool noodles can be used for more than just floating in the pool. They are an inexpensive and versatile resource for creating games and fun to last hours and hours. With a little creativity and a few extra supplies the possibilities are endless.

Pool Noodle Activities

The first thing you want to be able to do with a pool noodle is so be able to connect the ends together in a sturdy fashion. To do this with one pool noodle to make a ring simply use a toilet paper roll that you have cut lengthwise. Roll it up and put it into the hollow in one end the pool noodle. Attach the other end of the noodle to and secure it with duct tape. (Hint: You can get super fun pattered duct tape at your local craft store!) This method also work when trying to connect two noodles together.

  1. Ring Toss – For this game you will need one noodle to create each ring (as many as you would like). Then by cutting noodles in half you can create the pegs to toss the noodles on. To secure the cut noodles as pegs into the ground, use a pencil or other stake and place the noodle over it. You can vary the distances of the pegs for easier and harder ring toss games. You could even designate certain points for each one and play a game up to a certain number.
  2. Marble (or car) Race Track – If you use the smaller sized noodle and cut in half the long way it makes a great marble track. Or if you can find the jumbo noodles you can cut them in half the long way and make a car race track. To connect them side by side for a real race between the two you can use toothpicks through the sides and cut them off so they don’t interfere with the track.
  3. Light Sabers –  Using a pool noodle, duct tape and electrical tape and you have yourself a fun child safe light saber! Start by cutting your noodle to measure 33″ long. At one end of the noodle use 6 layered strips of duct tape, wrapping them around with one slightly overlapping the previous one. The final touch is to use black electrical for three strips around at the top (towards the center) end of the duct tape, and two small pieces towards the base that look like two towers. (If you want a light up one, find a flashlight that fits snugly inside!)
  4. Wicket Game – This is like overgrown croquet without mallets. Using sticks, pencils, dowels as the stakes about 30 inches apart, arch a pool noodle over to make a “c” and place each end on your stakes. Then using any kind of ball (soccer or kick balls work well), create a course of “wickets” to kick the ball through.
  5. Sprinkler - Puncture the pool noodle randomly around all sides of the noodle. The more holes, the better spray.  Fill one end with a small piece of foam or plastic cap, then duct tape the end securely.  Position your hose up on a swing set, tree branch or ladder in a hanging position.Then slide the end of the hose into the foam noodle, pushing it in a few inches so it holds securely. Turn on the hose and enjoy!
  6. Field Hockey – You will need balloons, pool noodles, and laundry baskets for this one. Cut each noodle in half giving each player half a noodle as their playing stick. If you want to play field hockey set up two laundry baskets as goals and map out a playing space. Use one balloon as the ball and get to playing! Or you would tip the baskets up in areas of the lawn. blow up many balloons and have kids try to get as many balloons in the basket as possible. (This would also work with garbage cans.)

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