7 Perks of Homeschooling

7 Perks of Homeschooling from Standard Deviants Accelerate

1. More Time With the Kids

Homeschooling offers you more time with your children. They are not out of the house for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 180 days a year. Not only does it offer the chance for stronger parent child bonds, but also sibling bonds.

2. You Get to See the “Light Bulb” Moments

I love these moments! It is such a reward to see the kids get a new concept, especially if it is one you have been struggling with.

3. Flexible Schedule

The longer I have homeschooled, the more I have gotten used to running on our own time. Not having to get up early, not having to take vacations when everyone else does, being able to school on the weekends or nights, or whatever suits our needs at the time.

Having a flexible schedule has allowed our oldest child to easily participate in a rigorous gymnastics schedule, complete her schooling, and work part time!

It also allows us to take advantage of travel and field trips when places are not as heavily frequented. It means that museums are quieter and hotels are cheaper.

4. The Freedom to Choose What to Learn and When to Learn It

Along our journey we have found that sometimes our kids need to slow down, or speed up. Sometimes a particular method of teaching is not working. Being homeschooled means we can switch curricula, we can slow down and do extra practice, or speed up and even skip sections that they already are confident in.

5. You Get to Buy Office Supplies!!

Notebooks and planners and pens! Oh my!

While this may not be a perk for everyone, for those of us who are organization and pen addicts this is a big bonus! We keep a very organized homeschool room and picking out new supplies (supplies of our choosing and not school dictated) is something we look forward to (ok, something I look forward too) each year!

6. No Need to by “School” Clothes or Uniforms

While now that I have a teen who wants to go clothing shopping, as a parent it has been nice to not have to soak money into the latest and greatest fashion each and every year.

7. Field Trips

While you can always access virtual field trips, one of the great perks of homeschooling is the time and opportunity for fantastic hands on field trips. Kids in school may get two or three field trips each year where they are ferried through a school tour. With homeschooling we can access museums, parks, historical sites and more at our leisure and as frequently as we want! We also get to set up small group tours with much more hands on time.

I know there are many more perks, (like being able to stay in your pjs if you want to!) and that the above may not be perks for everyone, but these are some of the top perks for our homeschool!

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