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Learn About the Creators of Standard Deviants Accelerate
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Standard Deviants Accelerate (AKA “SD Accelerate”) offers a full year’s worth of supplemental material for middle and high school subjects, including test prep! It isn’t your average interactive education website. Sure, it’s got the RTI alerts, Differentiated Instruction, automatic grading, streaming video, and tons of activities…but it’s so much more. It teaches in a way that’s interesting to students.

SD Accelerate can be used in just about any setting including in the classroom, in the media lab, at the public library, at home or even in a homeschool environment. All you need is a web device, like a computer or tablet. Plus, it’s entirely online, meaning no hardware, no downloads, no fuss.

Accelerate your class to the age of tech!

Some kind words:
“Best Films and Videos” – American Association for the Advancement of Science
“Standard Deviants is to be cheered summa cum loudly” – TV Guide “Top Ten New Show for Kids”
“Extremely ambitious…Skits and dramatic sketches, cartoons, historical documents and more are used in a way that tells you everything about the subject…It’s a lively show with a lot of information.” – Today Show
“Instead of using books or lecturing, the cast cracks jokes and perform skits in order to explain the lessons in an interesting and creative way.” – Miami Herald

Our Approach

It’s simple:  Teach, Test, Re-teach, Laugh, Rinse and Repeat. It’s a teaching system that emphasizes both breadth and depth of knowledge, instructing students on a thorough range of topics while continuing to engage them in higher levels of thinking.

Got that? Lesson by lesson, SD Accelerate materials continuously assess knowledge and loop back to re-teach difficult topics. As knowledge accumulates, students are provided with activities that engage them in progressively higher orders of thinking. Ultimately, comprehension of each lesson is spun into a synthesis of subject-wide themes.

Oh, and did we mention there would be laughter? We believe that a healthy dose of quirkiness and a few oddball moments are integral to learning. But our humor isn’t just sugar to help the pill go down—we believe in breaking a subject down and delivering it to the student in a creative (re: wacky) and conversational style that makes it easier to understand.

Our History

Standard Deviants is the brainchild of the brilliant, albeit wacky, minds at Cerebellum Corporation, an education company that produces and distributes a myriad of educational resources. Standard Deviants started with video over 20 years ago – back when people had to use VHS tapes (the horror). Through the years we’ve been at the forefront of education technology, graduating from VHS to DVD to streaming video and now to our interactive education website, Accelerate.