Arithmetic Online Math CourseArithmetic, Grades 3+

Interested in getting to know numbers a little better? Nervous about getting to know numbers a little better? Don’t sweat it. SDA Arithmetic will ease you into the basics about different types of numbers, simple number operations, and different ways of representing numbers.


Whole Numbers and the Number Line Addition and Subtraction Multiplying Whole Numbers Dividing Whole Numbers
Whole Numbers Addition Multiplication Basics Division Basics
Place Value Subtraction Multiplying Bigger Numbers Long Division
Comparing Numbers Estimating The Distributive Property Factors
Rounding Whole Numbers Problem Solving Word Problems
The Number Line Multiplying with a Calculator
Decimals  Problem-Solving


Understanding Decimals Understanding Fractions Ecology  Patterns & Graphs
Decimal Basics Fraction Basics Diversity of Organisms Patterns
Adding and Subtracting Decimals Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions Population Ecology Pictographs
Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Common Factors and Reducing Fractions Communities and Ecosystems Bar Graphs
Rounding Decimals Converting Fractions to Decimals Global Issues Line Graphs
Scientific Notation Common Denominators Probability and Outcomes
Problem-Solving Using Decimals Prime and Composite Numbers


Measurement Line, Shapes, & Sizes
Units of Measurement Points and Lines
Temperature Angles
Time Congruent Angles
Standards of Measurement: English and Metric Shapes and Figures
Length Finding Congruence in Figures
Perimeter Lines of Symmetry in Figures
Area Solid Figures
Weight The Number Line
 Volume  The Coordinate Plane and Ordered Pairs


For Teachers For Students Types of Assignments State & National Standards
RTI alerts Differentiated Instruction 124 vocab words (with audio playback) State Standards
Editable rubrics Note-taking 43 critical thinking questions National Standards
Progress reporting Re-teaching 230 multiple choice questions Common Core
Automatic grading 14 drag n’ drop graphic organizers
Student-to-teacher messaging 214 minutes of video (with scrolling transcripts)

Additional Subjects Include: