Art Class for Homeschoolers

© Dana Rothstein

© Dana Rothstein

One of the most important factors in educating your children is making sure that their education is well-rounded. Homeschooling is uniquely beneficial in that you have a lot of control over the educational experiences your child gets. In light of that, we’re moving away from the traditional core subjects this week and tackling some of the common extracurricular activities. Today, we’re talking art. Don’t worry, no crafting skills necessary, just an open mind and an enthusiasm for expanding your child’s creativity. Here are a few activity ideas that we love:

  •  Imitation is the highest form of flattery: Go over some famous artists with your child. You can cover their lives if you want to incorporate a little history lesson, but more importantly spend some time looking over their artwork. Have your child describe what makes each artist unique and what they like or don’t like about their work. When you’re done, ask your child to create their own masterpiece while imitating one of the artist’s styles. This could even be done as a weekly project in which your child learns about and imitates one artist each week. Just make sure to encourage them to put their own unique spin on their creations!
  •  Art Journal: In the same way that you would use journaling to boost your child’s writing skills, you can use an art journal to help boost their creativity. Have them pick out their own notebook and decorate it as they like in order to personalize it. Then, once a day or however often you’d like, your child can create a work of art on one of the notebook’s pages. Have them date and sign each one like their own mini-masterpiece. This is a wonderful way to encourage them to have confidence in their artistic skills and it makes for a great keepsake!
  •  Gallery wall: Find a nice open wall space or invest in a large corkboard onto which your child can hang their artwork. Have them pick out their favorite creations and add them to their gallery in whatever form of organization that they like. When they are finished, you can have them explain each work in their personal museum to you; they’ll be happy to talk your ear off and in the process learn to be proud of their hard work.

There you have it, some awesome ideas to get your homeschool art class off to a great start! 

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