Back to School: Quick Tips for Homeschoolers


© Mats Tooming | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Mats Tooming | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The time has finally arrived! Maybe you and your children are already back in the swing of things, and maybe you still have a few weeks of summer to go, either way, these back to school tips are for you!

Our first and most important tip is: get your child involved!

  • Have your child help decorate or organize their learning space. The more they make it their own, the more they’ll feel comfortable and be ready to learn in that space.
  • Be flexible! Allow your child some freedom when it comes to your daily schedule. If they want to do science first thing in the morning and English last, go for it!
  • Embrace choice. If your child has particular interests pull them into your lesson plan. As much as you can, allow your child’s specialties to guide you.
  • Use your summer experiences wisely. Have your child write about their favorite moments from this summer. It’s a great way to ease back into writing.

Stay tuned for more!