Benefits to Homeschooling Online

Benefits to Homeschooling Online from Standard Deviants Accelerate

While there is a big push among parents that screen time is bad and we need to limit it, I still find many benefits to using screen time. In our home we don’t consider time on the computer for academic purposes screen time. I think there is a big difference between endlessly gaming and academic use of the computer.

Before I give you what I believe to be some of the benefits to homeschooling online let me say that I am a firm believer in handwriting and cursive. I believe in reading from paper books and writing with pen and paper. To have all of these plus computer time you need to find a balance and that is what we strive for in our home.

Benefits to Homeschooling Online

1. Portable

If you have a lap top or if you courses are truly Internet based (as opposed to on disc), online homeschooling can be much more portable. My teen is taking an online AP English course and an online math course. She can log in to these from any computer. That means she can be at a friends house, the library, a coffee shop with her laptop and so much more.

2. Paper Free

When you are homeschooling digitally you don’t have the amount of paper consumption. With less books, workbooks, textbooks because it is online you have less paper waste.

3. Automated Grading

Often with online and disc based homeschooling options you get automated grading. This means you don’t have to do the grading! This has been a lifesaver for me as I have more kids to homeschool. Being able to set my older ones to math and know that the program will be checking and grading for me is a big relief and time saver!

4. Live Interaction

You can sign up for many online classes that are live. With a camera and microphone you are instantly involved in a live action class where you can interact and ask questions directly of the teacher and gain knowledge and experiences from the others in the class.

5. Teacher Feedback

With live classes you can teacher feedback. This is great for your child as well as for you. It allows you a break while gaining an extra (and fresh) set of eyes on your child’s work. My teen also gets feedback via e-mail from her AP English teacher whom she can submit work and get feedback from.

6. Video/Interactive

My daughter has always done well with video based curriculum. She loves the different perspectives and interaction she can get from watching a video and then working with interactive features online.

7. Teach Something You Can’t

Using an online or disc based program allows you to teach a subject that you might not be strong in because you don’t have to actually teach. All of our upper level math and science has been done this way with interactive online programs, video labs and more.

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