Budget-Friendly Field Trips

budget field trips

Going on field trips can certainly add up cost-wise. So today, we’ve compiled a list of fun, educational, and budget-friendly field trips for you to take your children on. Check them out:

  • If your local community has a forest, beach, estuary, anything like that, that is the perfect place to go for some biological or environmental studies. Discuss the local wildlife, the food chain, and how all of the animals in the ecosystem are affected by environmental changes. For example, the animals in an estuary will be seriously negatively impacted by a drought. Pretty easy, right?
  • The library is the easiest budget-friendly field trip on this list. You can go, check out books for free, and even discuss why and how a library works. What would happen if people stopped bringing books back? Why don’t they? Plus, your kids will have a ton of fun roaming the shelves for books to read.
  • Local landmarks are a great place to study history and they’re generally free to go and see! Your town or county is likely to at the very least have a town hall you can go check out with your kids. There is sure to be something easily accessible to you. For example, if you live on the East Coast, chances are you live not too far away from a historic Civil War battlefield – lots of history to talk about there!
  • Check your local paper for free activities going on in your area. You never know what great opportunities you’ll find.

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