Build a Bird Feeder

Build a Bird Feeder from Standard Deviants Accelerate
Getting outdoors and observing nature is a great way to learn about the world around you. Kids often love finding bug and birds, new flowers, and interesting trees. One way to bring some of the nature to you is to build a bird feeder. There are many simple options with many things around your home that you can use to build one. It can have you on your way to a great bird study in no time!

Build A Bird Feeder

  • Suet Log – Find a log approximately 4-5 inches in diameter that you can suspend from a tree branch. Use a 1 inch drill bit to drill random holes around the log and one in the top for an eye bolt to use as the hanger. You can either purchase suet or make your own to fill each hole with. Here is a Simple Suet Recipe if you would like to make your own: 2 cups of lard, 2 cups of chunky peanut butter. Melt the lard and peanut butter together. Then add 6 cups of cornmeal, 1 cup of flour and 8 cups of birdseed.
  • Toilet Paper Roll Feeder – Using an empty toilet paper roll, creamy peanut butter and bird seed you can create an easy bird feeder. Simply spread peanut butter over the outside of the toilet paper roll and the cover with bird seed. You can hang it by either sliding on the end of a thin branch or using yarn that you have run through the tube and then tied to the tree.
  • Paint Can Feeders – Using a small, empty paint can, a 3/16″ wood dowel, and some ribbon you can create an easy and pretty feeder. Start by painting the outside of your paint can. Paint it one color, paint it many! Once it is dry, tip the can on its side and drill a small hole in the rim of the can and insert the wood dowel. This will create the foot stand for the birds. Then wrap a ribbon around the belly of the can, fill halfway with bird food, and hang!
  • Egg Carton Feeder – Using an egg carton is a great way to recycle egg cartons, and fee the birds. Using and egg carton, cut the lid off. Then cut it in half so you have 6 cups to work with. Poke a tiny hole in each of the corners and tie two pieces of string diagonally to create the hanger. If your kids want to be crafty they can paint the egg carton before adding the string, and use pretty ribbon or colored yarn instead of plain string to create the hanger. Once the feeder is done add bird food to each cup and hang outside!

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