Can You Homeschool & Work From Home?

Can You Homeschool & Work From Home? from Standard Deviants Accelerate

People often ask if you can both homeschool & work from home. And if there are people are doing this, how do they manage everything? To the question of can you homeschool & work from home I would answer yes – I mean I have managed to do it! Which isn’t to say that if will work for everyone, or that everyone can find the right balance, but it can certainly be done!

Can You Homeschool & Work From Home?

Before I had kids I knew that I would be a stay at home parent, and my husband felt strongly about it too. I worked outside the home until the day I gave birth, and 16 years later I have yet to enter the workforce. However, as the years have gone by, and the kids grown older I have found myself in the position of being able to work (part time) from home. It has not been without its struggles, but I find it fulfilling and worth the effort to make it work.

How To Homeschool & Work From Home

So how do I juggle working from home and homeschooling? It has taken a lot of patience and organization! While my job at home is on the computer there are many jobs you can do that are not computer based but for the purpose of this article I will talk from my personal experience.

  1. Create a designated work space – While I do not have my own separate office, I do have my own desk that is separated, but in the same room as the kids. This allows me a little physical space and a place for my own things, while still being present for the kids.
  2. Find time to work that works for you – I know many women who do most of their work early in the morning, or in the evenings after the kids go to bed. While I will do things in the evenings sometimes, I have found that I am best doing my work while they do theirs. So my best work time is from around 9 am to 11:30 am. If I still have work to do I will do it after my husband gets home so he can be preparing dinner or driving the kids around while I finish up. I like to have after bedtime free to spend with him so this situation works best for us.
  3. Learn to say no – Take on only what you can manage. If your plate is already full don’t agree to another project or bit of work that will stretch your time and sanity too thin.
  4. Plan your time – Plan out your schedule so that you can see when things need to get done and what is the priority each day when you are working. I used to stress about getting everything done when there were so many unfinished projects. By putting them on the calendar and scheduling time to do each thing it allowed me to stress less and live more.

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