Color Mixing Fun For Little Ones

Color Mixing Fun For Little Ones from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Yellow and blue make green. How many times did we hear that as kids? But besides yellow and blue, what other colors can you mix together to make a new one?

Little kids love working with paint and smearing it about. This activity capitalizes on that by turning painting into a fun and educational color mixing activity.

Color Mixing Fun For Little Ones


  • red, blue and yellow paint
  • paint brushes
  • white paper
  • optional – a chart or image of the primary colors and color mixing
  • gallon Ziplock bag


1. Take some time to talk about colors. You can check out the book, The Wonders of the Color Wheel by Charles Ghigna. With catchy rhymes and colorful illustrations this book is a great way to start!

“Three bright colors for me and you. Primary colors: Red, Yellow, Blue!”

2. Print out a color wheel chart and have fun painting and exploring with the mixing of colors.  You can have your children create a final color wheel of their own to use as a reference as they move through and explore painting.

3. Have your kids paint something using specific color combinations. Introducing terms like complimentary and supplementary colors, this fun and hands on way can help kids to more easily retain the information.

4. A mess free version – For a no mess way to have even the littlest aspiring artist play with mixing colors, you can use a Ziplock bag. Take one bag and lay it out flat. Put one large drop of each of two different colors. Be sure to have them separated in the bag. For example yellow and blue spaced out so they are not touching. Seal the bag and then give it to little hands to smush and play with. Watch as the colors mix to create a new color!

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