Contemporary Education

The title of this post could be misleading. We’re not talking about education today. Well, we are. But what we mean is making education contemporary for today’s students. Adjusting curriculums and lessons to relate to the world students’ live in. Singing the quadratic formula to the tune of “Pop Goes the Weasel” just doesn’t quite have the spark needed to make it stick in a modern kid’s brain. So what do we do?

Well, a recent program in New York City public schools attempted to tackle this issue. The Science Genius program had kids from nine different public high schools writing raps about science. A simple project? Not so much. After competing against kids from their own schools, nine finalists went on to a rap battle, performing their own compositions about everything from reproduction to geology. NPR produced a fantastic mini-documentary on the project that you can watch here.

An innovative program that produced more confident, scientifically literate students. An obvious victory for everyone involved! When we make education relevant and memorable, students are given a real opportunity to shine. One they will tackle in leaps and bounds.