Creating a Portfolio for Your High Schooler

homeschool portfolio

A portfolio is a great way to compile and showcase your child’s work throughout their homeschool high school experience. If your child is planning on applying to colleges, this is the perfect place to start. At a loss for where to begin? We’ve got some tips just for you. Check them out:

  • You’re going to want to start out with a large binder. Split the binder into sections. There should be one section for each grade in high school.
  • Split the yearly sections into even more sections covering each subject covered that year. So you should have the basics like math and science, but also any electives your child studied.
  • For each of these smaller sections you’ll want to include a few important items. These include your curriculum, the materials used, papers/exams, grades, credit earned, and documentation of any projects your child completed.
  • Add one more section for tracking any extracurricular activities your child does.This can mean community service, sports, music lessons – whatever activities you think are important.
  • At the front of the binder, you’ll want to place a complete transcript. And then you’re done!

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