Earth Science

Earth Science Online CourseEarth Science, Grades 6+

You live on Earth, not Mars or Jupiter or Neptune, and that’s no small thing. Earth has got a lot of things going for it that make it capable of supporting life. And we’re not just talking about rocks and dirt. We’re talking about drama. That’s right, Earth has got more drama than a whole year of tabloids. You’ll see what we mean.



Earth’s Place in the Universe Investigating Earth’s Past Restless Earth Mountains, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes
The Universe Earth Origins Earth’s Hot Body Plate Tectonics in Action
Life and Death of Stars Matter, Minerals, and Rocks Shifting Earth Mountain-building
A Solar System of Our Own Clues to Earth’s Past Evidence of Plate Tectonics Volcanoes
Gravity and Planetary Motion Earthquakes
The Earthling Experience


Earth’s Changing Surface Energetic Earth Atmosphere and Oceans  Earth Systems
Weathering, Soil, and Erosion Energy and Heat Atmosphere  Earth Cycles
Surface Water, Groundwater, and Glaciers Solar Energy Oceans The Carbon Cycle
Wind, Waves, and Shorelines Geothermal Energy Convection in the Atmosphere and Oceans Systems Thinking and Human Impact
Convection Weather and Climate


For Teachers For Students Types of Assignments State Standards
RTI alerts Differentiated Instruction 237 minutes of video (with scrolling transcripts) State Standards
Editable rubrics Note-taking 47 critical thinking questions
Progress reporting Re-teaching 250 multiple choice questions
Automatic grading 28 drag n’ drop graphic organizers
Student-to-teacher messaging 85 vocab words (with audio playback)

Additional Subjects Include: