You Might Be An Eclectic Homeschooler If…

You Might Be An Eclectic Homeschooler If from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Eclectic you say? What is an eclectic homeschooler? An eclectic homeschooler is someone who doesn’t fall under one style of homeschooling. While some are distinctly unschoolers, or classical education enthusiasts, many of us fall into the eclectic style where we take something from a bunch of different homeschool styles and use them to suit our needs.

You Might Be An Eclectic Homeschooler If….

  • You have your child memorizing her multiplication tables and is totally engulfed in a study of penguins because she saw a show about them and just had to know more.
  • You use unit studies for history and science but are a strict textbook mom when it comes to math and English.
  • You have one child using a math curriculum and another working their way through learning all the conversions through her love of cooking.
  • You struggle between wanting to have the boxes on your assignment sheets checked and running off to join the 7 different class and activities opportunities each day.
  • You find yourself up until all hours creating printables and pulling resources together for your child’s latest interest in dog training, while the other is up until all hours getting her AP English homework done.

I started out as a very school at home homeschooler. We had our stack of books (even some school textbooks), our lessons plans all done for the year, and a full planner to follow. As the years passed I learned to be more flexible, to understand that what works for one child might not work for another, and to realize that every homeschool is different. We each do what works for us and our children, and that doesn’t make any of us wrong, it makes us all right!

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