Education Meets YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to come out of the Internet Age and social media boom. So, with the increase of technology in the classroom and outside of the classroom, we have to ask: what happens when you bring YouTube into the world of education?

First, we must admire the fact that YouTube has brought information sharing back to a grassroots level. No longer is information a centralized venture, but rather anyone with a video camera can get online and produce media that their audience demands. Passion has been brought back into the equation, and we have people who believe strongly in and are very interested in the topics which they present to the online world.

This user-produced content is constantly being created and there is so much of it that you can find discussions on almost any subject you were interested in learning more about. And, as with any type of recorded lecture, these videos are simply more engaging than reading text.

It makes sense then that YouTube has become an increasingly popular tools in education. There are class-produced rap videos about chemistry, talks on the nature of reforming education, and even tutorials on topics that students might need a little extra help with. This is a tool that’s reach is expansive, topics diverse, and engages both the producers and audience in such a way that it can not be ignored. As much as the Internet has expanded the depth and breadth of information we have access to, YouTube has personalized information sharing once more.

Do you use YouTube in your classroom? Do you think it’s a useful tool or yet another distraction?