Egyptian Pyramids Homeschool Project


The Egyptian Pyramids are one of the great architectural marvels. The exact method of how such grand structures were built has been lost, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t create some of their own. Here are a few ideas for constructing and utilizing some pyramids in your homeschool:

  • First, have your child construct their pyramids. This can be done super simply with some uniformly sized paper triangles, and a paper square for the base. If you’d like to create something that is a little more stable, toothpicks make the perfect tool to build the structure and attach the paper to. Using tape for connecting everything is the easiest way to go, but any type of glue would work as well.
  • Next, have your child write the history of each of the Great Pyramids on the surface of each pyramid they have built. If you want to make even more pyramids, have your child write down their favorite parts of Egyptian history or Egyptian mythology on the sides of the extra pyramids.
  • Finally, because we love multipurpose tools, these pyramids are also a great model for your child to visualize concepts like volume and surface area. You can even leave some of the pyramids blank or make extras to create visual models of relevant math problems.

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