Exploring History Through Costume-Making

© Dana Rothstein

© Dana Rothstein

If you’re looking for a history-related project for your child that is a bit more creative than the typical activity, making a historical costume is a great way to go. By crafting their own historically accurate outfit, your child can become more familiar with the daily life of a particular time period. Clothes over the ages hold a lot more information than you might think, from trends to fabrics and even tools used, there is plenty to be learned from this project.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Keep it historically accurate with materials: If the look your child is going for was traditionally made out of wool, then stick to wool (as best as you are able to). Not all fabrics we use today would have been available in certain time periods, they might even be surprised by how different the clothing was back in the day. Don’t forget about zippers and such, they might make things easy, but they’re not entirely historically accurate.
  • Research the trends: Have your child research the clothing of the time period that they are trying to replicate. Chances are there will be many different styles based on everything from how wealthy people were to what their occupation was. They can explore everything from common colors used for clothing to how people dressed for the different seasons.
  • Historical context: Be sure to explore the historical context of the outfit your child creates. This connects to both the materials being used as well as other interesting facts like certain colors being off-limits. You can also compare the clothing styles of different time periods or even the different clothing styles of different people within the same time period. Clothing in Ancient Egypt was very different from clothing in 18th century England and exploring the reasons behind that can be the most fun part!

There you have it, an awesome project for getting creative and learning more about history! Be sure to check out the history subjects available on SD Accelerate and sign up for our six months free promo here!