How do I get an account?

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My account won’t save my notes, tests, or any of my work.  Why is this happening?

Most likely you are inside a Parent account.  They don’t save scores because it’s not a student account.


How do I create a Student Account?

To create a student account CLICK HERE for step by step instructions with screenshots, OR follow these easy steps :

1. Log into the parent account and go to the MY DESK-> MY CLASSES page in the top right.

2. On the MY CLASSES page you should see subjects and 1 “default” class under each subject. (If you do not see a default class listed under a subject click “add class” and name it after the subject it’s under.)

3.  Click the green button that says “Add Student.”  Fill out your student’s information.  Your child can now log in with that login information you entered.

4.  To add your child to other subjects, click the “Add Student” next to the next subject/class, select “pre-existing student,” and select your student’s name from the drop down.


3. You will notice an “invite code” next to each class that’s highlighted in yellow.  Write this code down or copy paste it onto another sheet.  Note: the code is case sensitive.  When you’ve got all the codes down, log out of this account.

4. You should now be back at the login page, so click “Create New Account.”

5. Input your child’s information or have your child complete this form, utilizing one of the invite codes to create the account.

6. You’re now inside the student account, and can add additional subject codes by clicking the link at the top that says “Don’t see your subject below?  Click here to add”, and entering your remaining codes.


Why are AP Test Prep subjects only 1 chapter long?

AP subjects are abridged, so they are priced lower than the core subjects we offer.  They are mostly about test taking tips and strategies.  Some topics are covered briefly, but this is not a full course.


How long will it take my child to complete one course?  Does it equate to 1 year’s worth of instruction for that subject?

Each core subject contains about 30-40 hours of content between the videos, assignments, activities, and chapter reviews.  The length of time it takes your child to complete the entire subject depends on how you space out the lessons in your homeschool and on your child’s pace.  As we all know every child is different, so no two will get through at the same pace!