Field Trips Your Pre-K Kids Will Enjoy Too

Pre-K field trips

Finding a suitable field trip when you’ve got kids at a range of ages can be hard. You want to challenge and educate the older ones, but you don’t want the younger ones to miss out on a potential learning opportunity either. So, what do you do when you’re taking your Pre-K kids on a field trip too? We’ve got some ideas:

  • Aquariums: Aquariums are awesome in general, but particularly awesome when it comes to being a great choice of field trip for kids of all ages. With your older kids, it’s the perfect opportunity to discuss marine biology and how environmental changes impact the creatures you see. And, for your younger kids, it’s just an exciting opportunity to see aquatic wildlife in person! They’re sure to be mesmerized by the sight of schools of fish swimming before their eyes, and some aquariums even have interactive exhibits where they can actually touch the animals!
  • Zoos: Going along with aquariums, is the field trip classic – a trip to the zoo! Again, this is a great opportunity to discuss zoology and the preservation work zoos do with your older children. Meanwhile, your Pre-K kids will be ecstatic just to see all of the animals in person. One fun tip: have your little ones draw pictures of the animals as you go through the zoo, like a little picture diary.
  • Kids Science Museums: Most big cities have some sort of science museum designed for kids. These are highly-interactive museums meant to encourage as much learning as possible. While some of the scientific concepts might go right over their heads, little kids are still sure to enjoy all of the activities available. Think – things like giant bubble blowers and fun mirrors, with scientific bases to help your older children learn.

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