Five Ideas to Start Next Week Off on a High Note

Happy Friday! We’re sure you’re more than ready for a well-deserved weekend after yet another week of school. Thinking ahead a little, we’re going to talk about Monday. The dreaded first day of the week. When everyone of all ages seem to be at their very grumpiest. Mondays at school can be rough for both students and teachers, so we’ve compiled a list of ideas to start your Monday with a bang.

  1. Storytelling: Start the day off with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” of your own design. This can be related to whatever topic you plan to teach that day – keeping everything relevant. Have students fill in the blanks to get the gears in their minds turning and creative juices flowing. Hey, it might even get you pumped for the rest of the day!
  2. Riddle Me This: Find a riddle that is age-appropriate for your students, set them loose, and watch their minds go to work. This is a great way to wake student brains up from a weekend slump and they’re sure to enjoy the challenge. Give them whatever time limit works for you and maybe even an incentive to guess the right answer. And there you have it, a fun and easy way to transition into another week of school. (Note: Instead of a riddle, a particularly fun and challenging math problem would work just as well.)
  3. Reflection: Have students write for 5-10 minutes. About their weekend, about what they’re excited to learn this week, about their favorite species of fish – you get the idea. The choice of subject is up to you. The point is to get students awake and ready for the rest of the day and the rest of the week. They’ll be happy to share something of themselves with you.

Voila! A couple of simple ideas for making Monday all about learning without any of the feet dragging. What do you do to make your Mondays a little easier? Let us know in the comments!