Food for Thought

57 Million Children Out of School

The video above provides some rather startling data regarding the state of education around the world. While it is easy to be overwhelmed by statistics like that looming 57 million, this is a great starting point. For discussions, for awareness, for progress. The importance of this data is not the data itself per se, but what we do with it. It is easy to watch something like this and spend perhaps a few minutes or even a few days saddened by the fact. It is easy to share it with a few friends, email it to your colleagues. But the fact remains that that is all most of us will contribute to the cause – which is, in the grand scheme of things, practically nothing.

Some of the most prominent facts include the lack of materials, lack of teachers, and high cost of education elsewhere in the world. These aren’t the easiest problems to solve, but there must be solutions. So while we keep in mind the necessary reforms and changing dynamics in our own school systems, it is important to keep the issues in other parts of the world in mind as well. Who knows, one of your students might be the one to get those 57 million kids in school. Anything is possible!