Four Stars!

Our team has just received the news that Library Video has given our Earth Science product four out of four stars! This is a huge, huge honor for our team and we couldn’t be happier! Check out the review below:

Designed for middle-school/junior-high-aged audiences, this lively addition to the acclaimed Standard Deviants teaching systems series opens with a hilarious bit, as a cartoon planet barfs up magma…and lots of facts. The first program, “Earth’s place in the Universe,” touches on numerous topics, including the Big Bang theory, the speed of light, different types of galaxies, the life cycles of stars, the formation of our solar system, and a “word on Pluto” about the redefinition of the former planet. Featuring a dramatization of Newton’s a-ha moment with a falling apple, this initial installment also looks at the changing seasons, ocean tides, and latitude and longitude – employing peppy, instructive vignettes (featuring a comedic cast), combined with animation, puppets, and imaginative analogies that will help viewers draw connections to key ideas and terms. Also including the programs “investigating Earth’s Past,” “Restless Earth,” “Mountains, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes,” “Earth’s Changing Surface,” “Energetic Earth,” “Atmosphere and Oceans,” and “Earth Systems” – all available separately for $49.98 each – this set features a bonus disc with a digital workbook for the complete series. Highly recommended. Editor’s Choice. Aud: I, J, P. (J. Williams-Wood)

Of course, anything with puppets is automatically good, right? Right.