The Future

The future can be a big, scary concept. Especially when we think about it in terms of today’s students. Did you know that it is estimated that 60% of today’s students will have careers that don’t even exist yet? It’s mind-boggling, and really, what’s a teacher to do in the face of a statistic like that?

Our recommendation: keep moving forward. So, maybe you don’t know what those little minds you’re molding are gonna be someday. That is okay. It just requires some extra-savvy teaching. Allow your student’s mind to explore. Encourage them to learn and learn and then learn some more. The more that they believe learning is a beneficial and positive part of their lives, they’ll be able to pick up the slack on what they didn’t learn from you later on. Help to build an open mind and that open mind will keep absorbing knowledge long after you’ve let it go.