10 Halloween Math Problems

10 Halloween Math Problems from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Making math fun can really go a long way to helping kids learn it. Using holidays as a stemming point for interesting math problems can be a great way to work on math and have it seem less like work.

Halloween Math Problems

I have given a few examples of some math problems you can easily create to get your kids going. You can easily adapt these to create more problems to work with! You can even have them try to create some on their own.


1. Chloe and Megan went on a haunted hayride. They got scared by 5 monsters and 8 zombies. How many times get they get scared?

2. Connor and Nick went to a pumpkin patch over the weekend. Connor picked 3 pumpkins and Nick picked 4. How many pumpkins did they pick all together?

3. John’s mom made 25 Halloween cookies. John had his friend Joe over to play. John ate 2 Halloween cookies and Joey ate 4 Halloween cookies. How many cookies were left?

4. Cindy and Cathy are trick or treating. If Cindy has 15 treats in her bag and Cathy only has 8, how many more treats does Cathy need to have the same number as Cindy?


5. There are 26 children in Mrs. Jones classroom. Mrs. Jones gave each child 1 cupcake, 2 cookies, and  6 candy corns. How many Halloween treats did Mrs. Jones give out all together?

6. 8 children went trick or treating. Each child got 18 pieces of candy. How many pieces did they get all together?

7. As the witch was flying around on her broomstick she saw 12 different bats. She went out 4 times and saw the same number of bats each time. How many bats did she all together?

8. There are 10 pumpkins in the row you are in at the pumpkin patch. If there are 50 rows of pumpkins each with 10 pumpkins in it, how many pumpkins are at the pumpkin patch?


9. After trick or treating, Wendy’s dad told her to save 25 pieces of candy, consisting of chocolate, hard candy, and suckers. She saves 7 suckers and 10 hard candies.  How many pieces of chocolate does she save?

10. You have 15 candy bars. If you started with 5 candy bars, how many did you have to trade for to get a total of 15?

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