Halloween Science

© Ed Dear

© Ed Dear

Halloween is a great holiday for some themed science demonstrations. Take a break from the serious science and test out some seriously fun experiments. Here are some of our absolute favorite Halloween experiments:

  1. Expanding Peeps: Most people have heard and maybe even tried out putting Peeps in the microwave to watch them grow as they heat up. For a demonstration with minimal mess, cut the top off of a plastic bottle and put in a few Peeps. Put the bottle in the microwave for about 30 seconds and watch as the Peeps expand (and maybe even explode). Connect it to chemistry by explaining how heat causes the marshmallow material to expand.
  2. Catapulting Candy: This project is a bit more physics focused. All you need is some rubber bands, some popsicle sticks, a plastic spoon, and of course, the candy! Have your child design and build their very own catapult and test it out. Feel free to have them build multiple designs and see which one works the best. Just watch out for flying candy!
  3. Inflating Ghost: This experiment is based on the classic combination of vinegar and baking soda. Take a white balloon and have your child draw some eyes on it with a permanent marker – so that it looks like a ghost! Put two tablespoons of baking soda into the balloon and one cup of vinegar into an empty plastic bottle. Put the neck of the balloon over the open top of the water bottle; be careful not to spill any of the baking soda in yet, but make sure the balloon is nice and secure. Now, quickly lift up the top of the balloon to let the baking soda pour in and watch your ghost grow!

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