Helpful Hints to Improve Study Habits

Helpful Hints to Improve Study Habits from Standard Deviants Accelerate

When I was in high school most things came pretty easily for me. The result? I never really learned how to study properly for an exam. This came back to haunt me in college. Knowing thorough and efficient ways to study is important. While some things might not work for everyone, it is still good to learn how to study and the methods that work for you.

Helpful Hints to Improve Study Habits

Take Good Notes – In order to be able to study well, you need to have something to study from. Therefore you need to take good notes either in class or from reading assignments, etc. Be sure to add only important facts, dates, and concepts to your notes.

Leave Space – Leave space to add things in. If you fill up every line and margin you won’t have room to go back and add anything in that you may have forgotten.

Use Color Coding – By using highlighters or colored pens use a system to make information easier to categorize and find later.

Don’t Use Just One Source – When studying for an exam, unless the source as been specifically stated, use more than one reference. For instance you might have notes from class as well as a textbook and homework assignments.

Make Note Cards – It can often be helpful to take your notes and turn them into note cards. First off this means you are going through the material again. During this process you can refine your information, adding and subtracting where needed. Once you have a set of note cards to study from they are easy to carry around and work with.

Make Sketches or Venn Diagrams – If you are a visual learner be sure to include sketches, timelines, or diagrams that will help jog your memory.

In the end, find what works for you and stick with it. While I am a glossary girl and like to start making note card from there, my daughter prefers to read through the text first and start her note cards from there. Neither of us find diagrams very helpful to us so we don’t use them unless their is a specific diagram to be studied.

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