Holiday Traditions Around the World, Part 2


In continuation of our last post, we’re talking about just a few of the many holiday traditions that take place around the world at this time of year. Check out a couple more of our favorites:

1. China

    • Chinese New Year is the celebration of the first day of the Chinese calendar. The celebration lasts about two weeks and involves traditions such as lion dances and large family gatherings. Little red envelopes filled with money are also given out, as the color red symbolizes good luck in Chinese tradition.

2. India

    • Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, is an annual autumn celebration in India which celebrates the victory of light over dark and good over evil. In many regions of India, the celebration lasts for five days and involves family gatherings, gift exchanging, and feasts. One of the most important traditions is celebrating the different relationships within a family.

3. Mexico

    • Night of the Radishes is an event that takes place in Oaxaca, Mexico on December 23rd each year. Radishes grown specially for the event are carved into depictions of the Nativity scene and other folklore stories and are left on display until Christmas. Originally, the radish carving began as a way for shops to attract customers, but today it is an impressive three day festival.

4. Ukraine

    • In the Ukraine, decorating your Christmas tree with spiderwebs is a common tradition. Why? A Ukrainian folktale describes a widow and her children who find the perfect Christmas tree, but have nothing to decorate it. Seeing their sorrow, the spiders in their house take it upon themselves to decorate the tree with their webs. According to the story, the widow never went without anything again, thus the spiderwebs are a symbol of good luck!

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