Homeschool Alphabet: A is for Active Learning

© 2000-2014

© 2000-2014

Welcome to our “Homeschool Alphabet” series! We are, of course, starting off with the letter “A.” A is for active learning! Active learning is a method of learning in which a student directly interacts with the learning materials to promote comprehension. We’ve got a few ideas on just how to accomplish that in your homeschool classroom!

1. Plan multiple activities: Attention of a student can only be sustained for so long, thus creating a diverse lesson is important. Utilizing different parts of the brain and body are important to keep students actively engaged and enthusiastic about the material.

2. Hands on: Hands on activities will excite and engage the students on a different level. Often times, students may get antsy and may benefit from an active lesson. Use 3D models, experiments and labs to allow them to physically work with what they are learning about.

3. Videos: Sometimes videos can summarize information in a funny and simplified way. Use these to supplement class materials and add some texture to your lecture. A visual/audio example is especially important for all of those auditory and visual learners out there!

4. Deck of Cards Game: Create a deck of cards including people, places and events or even just vocabulary words.. Take turns picking a card and verbalizing its importance. Whomever has the most cards at the end of the game wins.
How do you promote active learning with your children? Share in the comments!