Homeschool Alphabet: B is for Big Picture


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As we get busy with day-to-day work and responsibilities, it can be hard to keep the big picture in mind. But through all of your hard work (and your child’s), it’s important to keep in mind exactly what it is you are working toward. Why did you decide to homeschool initially? What was it about teaching your own children that inspired you? What in your experience has reaffirmed your decision to homeschool?

Maybe you were homeschooled yourself and found the experience invaluable. That’s wonderful! As you spend each day with your children, remember that. Strive to make your children’s experience of homeschooling as fulfilling and cherished as yours was.

Maybe you wanted a close relationship with your children and believe homeschooling is the best way to accomplish that. That’s great! Through all of the good days and all of the bad days and all of the days in-between, reflect on your relationship with your children. Let your positive feelings about that relationship fuel your efforts. Show your child how much it means to you to spend so much time together, how much it means to you to be able to guide them through their childhood.

Maybe you felt that homeschool was the best way to ensure that your children receive the kind of education that you think is best for them. That’s fantastic! Keep those educational goals in mind as you plan out your days, months, and years moving forward. Make sure that every moment is spent working to achieve those goals.

Don’t quite have specific goals yet? Start brainstorming! Think about what is best for you and for your children and go for it!