Homeschool Alphabet: D is for Diligence

© 2000-2014

© 2000-2014

Diligence is an important skill for any child to learn. The ability to work carefully and consistently will serve them well throughout their lives. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to school or work, but also to family and community life. Diligent children will always be looking to work hard and to improve themselves and the world around them. How can you inspire diligence in your children?

The easiest way to accomplish this is to set an example for your children. If you are diligent with your own tasks and responsibilities, your child will see this and learn from it. This includes doing as you say and saying as you do. The old saying: “Do what I say and not what I do,” doesn’t tend to work as well as you might expect. So, the most effective way to make sure your children appreciate the benefits of diligence is to demonstrate it yourself.

Praise and encouragement are also fantastic ways to encourage diligence. If you see your child putting a considerable amount of effort into schoolwork or their chores, praise them for their hard work and effort. Encourage them to work hard at all aspects of their life, everything from building good relationships with their siblings to learning math, and they will come to see diligence as a virtue with a positive effect on their lives.

You know your child best, so do what you know will help them to achieve the level of diligence that you expect.