How to Homeschool Difficult Subjects

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Teaching a subject to your kids that you learned years ago can seem tough. Teaching a subject you personally had trouble learning can seem even harder. And what about those subjects that you have no experience with and no idea how to begin teaching? First of all, no matter what your situation is, it’s okay! You can’t be expected to remember everything or know every subject, after all we have Google now! But don’t think that these concerns disqualify you somehow from being able to teach those subjects that you don’t know well or don’t know at all. We’ve got some easy tips to help you teach any subject:

  • Learn: This is a great opportunity to learn or re-learn a topic. Before beginning to teach, start learning yourself. You’ll want to stay at least somewhat ahead of your teaching schedule so that you don’t get too overwhelmed. Maybe take the summer to tackle a subject you know you’ll have to teach in the fall. Or spend a few weeks prepping for a difficult subject that you’ll soon be teaching. This option is great for those who are still eager to learn and can spend some extra time doing it!
  • Reach out: If you just can stand chemistry, don’t feel like you have to tackle it alone. Research tutors who might be able to help with the difficult subject. Local middle school or high school kids might be willing to help with subjects they’ve recently learned. Or head to your local library and see what help they might offer, from books to ideas on where to head next. If one of your friends or family members knows the subject well, ask for some pointers! It never hurts to seek out help.
  • Resources: There are so many resources online these days, you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding material on any subject. From our own supplemental learning programs, like Standard Deviants Accelerate, to video lectures to ebooks, there is no limit to what you can find and what you can use to help teach your children. You don’t have to feel like you must teach every little thing on your own and there’s a world of help at your fingertips!

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