Homeschool Doesn’t Have to Start at 8AM

Homeschool Doesn't Have to Start at 8 AM from Standard Deviants Accelerate

When people think of homeschooling, they might conjure up a picture that looks something like school… at home. So this might entail early starts, matching desks, textbooks, etc. While there are some homeschools that might look like this, there are many that don’t.

Homeschool Doesn’t Have to Start at 8 AM

Homeschools, like people, are not cookie cutter. You could even being homeschooling in the same homeschool style, with the same curriculum, and it would still look different in each household.

I am not a morning person. I am slow to start. I have a joke with a friend of mine because she gets up hours before I do. She could literally bake multiple loaves of bread while I am still in bed!

In our house we have a rule (or more like had a rule as it started a long time ago), “You may not leave your room until 8 AM and you must have your room clean and be dressed when you leave your room.” This rule came about because my son is an early riser, and when he was little he would get up and get into trouble before I was up and moving. He is still an early riser and is up and moving about well before I am.

I now have a late sleeper too. My little one (now age 9) often doesn’t roll out of bed until 10 AM. She then lazes around at breakfast while being distracted by anything that moves or makes noise! She often does not get started on any formal school work until closer to lunch time.

Do you know what I have found? All of this is ok. Every child is different and runs on different body rhythms. I know what you are thinking, “What about when they have to get up and function in the real world?” Well guess what? I have a teen who is taking college classes now. She sets her alarm and is up at 5:45 AM four days a week. When she had the freedom to sleep later she did, but now that her schedule is different she has learned to adapt.

So know this. Your homeschool doesn’t have to start at 8 AM or 2 PM or look like any school, my school, or other image that people conjure up. Every family is different, and so is every homeschool, and that is one of the best things about homeschooling! You can tailor to fit the needs of your family!

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