Homeschool English

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Homeschool English will open up the world of communication to your homeschooler. These captivating video lessons make teaching your homeschoolers English composition and test-taking skills a breeze. Fun and interactive, each lesson is broken down in an easy-to-understand set of concepts in videos kids want to watch again and again.

Our programs have been called “thorough” and “beyond amazing.”  We were also named one of’s Top Educational Websites of 2015.  Click on the link to the right to read more about what people are saying.  Or get your free trial and start checking the videos out today.  Click here to get started.

Homeschool English CompositionEnglish Composition, Grades 9+

Have you ever wished that you could attach a set of reins to all the words you know and make them take you wherever you want to go? Believe it or not, this goal is not far out of reach. SDA’s Homeschool English Composition will teach you the skills you need to be a better reader and writer and to make your words work for you. Click here to read more.

Homeschooling AP English CompositionAP English Composition, Grades 11+

With tips and tricks for navigating the world of the AP English Language and Composition exam, as well as a speedy and solid review of the subject matter covered on the test, this tutorial will put you on the fast track toward a high score. Help your homeschooler master the finer points of homeschool English composition Click here to read more.