Homeschool Gingerbread House Party


One of the tastiest holiday traditions out there is building gingerbread houses! Whether you host an actual party or just involve yourself and your kids, a gingerbread house party is a great way to celebrate the coming holidays. And have some tasty treats too! Here’s how it works:

  • What you’ll need: Here are the essentials you’ll need. One gingerbread house and one ice cream cone for each person. Frosting to help your decorations stick onto the walls of the house. An assortment of candy in all shapes and sizes.
  • What to do: Assemble one gingerbread house and one ice cream cone tree on a sheet of cardboard or newspaper or plate for each person. Put out that assortment of candy and bowls of frosting with either spoons or knives to spread it. Then let your kids have at it! If you wanted to, you could even make it a friendly competition. Give out “awards” for most creative house, most pretty house, most variety of candy, etc.
  • What not to do: Try not to eat the houses and candy before you’re done!

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