Homeschool Holidays: New Year


The New Year is a great time to look back on the year and all of the good things that happened. It’s also a good time to look forward to the next year and all of the possibilities it holds. Combine these two sentiments in a fun activity for your kids with their very own time capsule. Here’s how it works:

  • What you’ll need: This project doesn’t require much at all. A jar or some sort of container, writing and drawing materials, and some paper is all you’ll need.
  • What to do: Have your child reflect on the last year and everything that has happened. How have they changed? What have they learned? What were their favorite moments? Have them write these things down and draw a picture illustrating the events and their feelings about them. Place these in the time capsule. Then, have your child think about what they want to happen next year. Do they have any specific goals? Anything they’ve been wanting to learn or to try? How do they want to have grown by the end of next year? Again, have your child write their answers down and draw a picture. Place these in the time capsule as well. Feel free to join in and include your own memories and goals. You can also have your child decorate the time capsule.

The last thing you’ll have to decide is when to open this time capsule back up. You could open it next New Year’s, or in two years, or even five years. These can take some time to build up if you’re waiting multiple years, but it’s fun to remember what life was like just a few years ago.

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