Homeschool Holidays: Planning for the New Year


We’re a week into the new year already, can you believe it? Making resolutions and keeping track of all of your goals and your children’s goals can be tough. We’ve got the perfect activity to help you have a great year! Here’s how it works:

  • What you’ll need: Either a small corkboard or a piece of poster board, writing tools, and any other decorative elements you want to include.
  • What to do:
    1. Have each member of your family (or just your children) write down their goals and resolutions for this year. This can be new things they’d like to learn, new habits they’d like to pick up, or even new traditions they want to implement during the year. These can either be in writing or in pictures.
    2. In the center of your base (your corkboard/poster board) put “2015” and around it pin or glue all of the collected goals. You can have different sections for different members of the family, or just place them wherever you’d like. Feel free to decorate this as much as you like!
    3. Put the finished product up somewhere where the whole family can see it and be reminded of their goals throughout the year.
    • Variations on this could be doing individual posters for each member of the family or maintaining a family journal to keep track of how your goals are changed and accomplished over the course of the year.

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