Homeschool Math: Christmas Tree Geometry Craft


Trying to squeeze in some more Christmas activities before the week is over? We’ve got a great Christmas-themed math project for you to try. Check it out:

  1. What you’ll need: String, tacks, some sort of hard surface like styrofoam or cardboard, pencils, a ruler, and a protractor.
  2. What to do: First have your child draw the outline of a Christmas tree on whatever hard surface you have chosen to use. Then using their protractor and ruler, have them draw lines from all along  the bottom of the tree to the top point, labeling the angles as they go. Then place one tack at the top point of the tree and a tack at the start of each line on the bottom of the tree. Using the string connect each bottom tack to the top tack and watch your tree fill out! When you’re done, feel free to have your child decorate their tree however they like.
  3. What they’ll learn: This is just a simple and fun way for your child to explore angles. Especially if they’re just starting to learn geometry, this is a great way for them to learn how different angles look as they get farther away from a starting point.

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