Homeschool Math with Gummy Bears

math gummy bears

What’s a simple way to make practicing math problems a little extra fun? Try adding gummy bears! Gummy bears are super easy to incorporate into lots of different math problem practice activities. Here are a few fun suggestions:

  • For your little ones: Have them practice simple addition and subtraction using gummy bears as physical models or simply have them count how many of each color there are. If you’ve already started working on fractions they can determine what portion of all the gummy bears that each color represents.
  • Moving on up: Lay out different numbers of gummy bears in the form of equations. Have your child multiply or divide the numbers of gummy bears. Using the candy makes it super simple to come up with endless equations, because giving your child a new equation is as simple as rearranging the bears.
  • Extra possibilities: Get creative with the gummy bears, assign different colors different numerical values, or move on to algebraic problems! You can also have your child record all of these activities for future reference, or just so that you can go over their answers later.

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