Homeschool Math

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Homeschool math can be among the more challenging topics to cover. These captivating video lessons make teaching your homeschoolers math a breeze. Fun and interactive, each lesson is broken down in an easy-to-understand set of concepts in videos kids want to watch again and again.

Our programs have been called “thorough” and “beyond amazing.”  We were also named one of’s Top Educational Websites of 2015.  Click on the link to the right to read more about what people are saying.  Or get your free trial and start checking the videos out today.  Click here to get started.

Homeschool ArithmeticArithmetic, Grades 3+

Our Arithmetic program eases homeschoolers into the basics of different types of numbers, simple operations, and different ways of representing numbers. Click here to read more.

Homeschooling Fundamental Math Home school Math ProgramFundamental Math, Grades 4+

Are you a confident adder and subtracter? Multiplier and divider? SDA Fundamental Math will take you beyond basic arithmetic and into the world of mathematics. Click here to read more.

Homeschooling AlgebraAlgebra, Grades 7+

Doing algebra is sort of like being a detective. You’ve got to use your skills to solve the mystery. What IS the identity of x? Figure that out and you’ve got all the power. Luckily, SDA Algebra will teach you how to take on x in a variety of situations. Click here to read more.