Homeschool Science: Create a Rainbow


Tired of winter weather already? This experiment will help your kids to get a little taste of springtime – even if your backyard’s full of snow. Creating your own rainbow is simple, fun, and a perfect learning opportunity. Here’s how it works:

  • What you’ll need: All you need are some basic household items. A glass jar (or a large glass cup), a small mirror, a flashlight, and a dark room (preferably with white walls, but light colored walls should work too).
  • What to do: Have your child fill the jar or glass up with water. Then, they can place the mirror inside of the jar. Tilt the mirror a little bit upward and then shine the flashlight onto the mirror. A rainbow should appear on the wall. If it doesn’t, that’s okay! Simply have your child adjust the angle of the light or the angle of the mirror until a rainbow does appear.
  • What to explain afterwards: The light from the flashlight shines onto the mirror, this is self-explanatory. The magic happens when the mirror reflects the light back through the water. Water refracts, or bends, the light. As the light bends, it separates. This separation creates the rainbow of colors your child has created.

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