Homeschool Science: Digestive System Activity

red apple

This activity is all about going through the motions of the digestive system. It’s perfect for demonstrating an important part of the human body and well-suited for all of the kinesthetic learners out there! Here’s how it works:

1. What you’ll need: For this activity you’ll need some brightly colored candy, small zip top plastic bags, brown paper bags, some newspaper pages, a large and thin plastic bag, sponges, two spray bottles filled with water, and a trash can.

2. What to do: Now your child can go through each step of the digestive system.

  • To prep, put the candy in a small zip top plastic bag. Put this in a brown paper bag along with balled up newspaper. Put this bag in the large plastic bag.
  • Here we go! First have your child rip open the large plastic to mimic the teeth breaking down. Then, they can spray the bags and newspaper with water – the beginning of the chemical digestion of food.
  • Next, to imitate the pancreas, your child will continue to spray the bags with water. This is followed by the small intestine, have your child find the bag of candy within the paper bag to be “passed along” to the blood.
  • The blood distributes nutrients, so your child will remove the candy from the bag and spread it out. To imitate the large intestine, which absorbs excess water, have your child soak up any water in your workspace with the sponges. And finally, the rectum removes waste, so have your child place the remains of the activity in the trash can!

3. What they’ll learn: Exactly how the digestive system works step by step. And, as a bonus, part of the activity is cleaning it up. It’s a win on all sides!

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