Homeschool Science: Earthquake Experiment

earthquake experiment

Science experiments don’t have to be super complicated! Sometimes it’s the simple experiments that kids learn the most from and enjoy. Take this simple earthquake experiment for example. It demonstrates important concepts and only requires a few materials. Check it out:

What you need:

  • Metal cookie sheet
  • Wooden blocks
  • Lego bricks

What to do:

  • With the metal cookie sheet representing the tectonic plate, have your children build a tower out of the wooden blocks on top of it.
  • When the tower is complete, have them shake the cookie sheet to simulate an earthquake. They can shake at different speeds and intensities and observe what happens to their tower.
  • Next, have you children build a tower of Lego bricks on top of the cookie sheet. This time, when they shake it, they should be able to notice some key differences. The tower might fall over, but is a lot less likely to crumble.
  • The lesson here? For buildings to withstand earthquakes, they must be built differently and with the potential motion in mind.

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